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{February 20, 2009}   Agent Provocateur lingerie

To start with Agent Provocateur is a lingerie brand based in the United Kingdom, but the company has many stores around the world. It is easily a lingerie brand offering the most intimite lingerie items.
The newest lingerie collection of Agent Provocateur ‘Virgins’ is a celebration of the Spring season 2009 with pastel colors and sensual cuts.
ap_virgins2  ap_virgins2

{January 13, 2009}   Bjorn Borg Trunks

bjorn borgThis pair of trunks is from Bjorn Borg Fun Underwear Collection. Bjorn Borg was 1970’s tennis legend who broke into the underwear and apparel business with storm. Intimate apparel from his collection is becoming very popular among the athlets. The Bjorn Borg Fun Stretch underwear collection reflects the fun-loving and athletic heritage if its creator.

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